210,000 Miles!

Subject: Topaz
   Date: Fri, 7 Sep 2001 14:25:52 EDT
   From: Ryan
     To: Ted Felix

   I know what you are talking about!!!  My usual car is a 76 Pontiac Grand 
Prix (which has been a good car to me!).  But it's up for a full resto right 
now, so I had to find a temporary replacement.  My mom purchased a 1993 
Mercury Topaz with (get this)-210,000 miles!!!!!!!!!  Her name is 
Maybell (I've named every car I've owned).  I bitch about the car alot but in 
the back of my mind, I know it's a good car!!  My mother had purchased it 
from the pastor she worked for, for $400!!  We took it home, cleaned it up, 
gave her a very well deserved tune-up (it even still had the original spark 
plugs in it!) and have drove it since.  I've only owned it for a couple of 
months, but I can already tell it is a good car and investment!  Even though 
Maybell has "screwed" with me a couple of times, it has still been worth it.   
I know i'll at least keep it till it dies but don't fear, I won't have it 
crushed.  I'll probably donate it to goodwill or something along those lines 
or sell it depending.  Well, just thought I would share with you my Mercury's 
amazing story!  Good luck to you and your family.  (I'm sorry your son had to 
go through a loss of something he loved at such a young age (the villager).  I 
hope he's recovered!