HP722c: Cleaning the Service Station

Although I've never personally had any trouble with the service station, I see lots of posts on USENET from people who do. Many of them want to know how to get to it so they can clean it. I saw this information go by in a post from one Jonathan Lowe:

1. Raise and remove the top cover - the one you lift to change carts - and you will find a screw under this cover holding the top of the end cover (right side printer cover). Remove that screw, it uses a #10 Torqx screwdriver.

2. The end cover is attached to the steel baseplate by two lugs on the side and one each on the front and rear. You have to look underneath to find the front and rear lugs and gently lever the casing outwards to release the rear lug first and then the front lug. Then you hinge the cover outwards unhooking the two end lugs. You can detach the switch block it's just clipped in place.

3. The base of the service station is attached at the front by one screw and a plastic lug that clips into a slot in the bottom tray beside that screw. When you have removed the screw - #10 Torqx - gently lever the steel plate forward to release the front of the service station and lift it up and it swings up and slides clear.

4. Remove the motor and two gears, and put the service station under the tap, the ink will eventually melt - help it with windex - you can get this very clean just with running water.

5. Lightly grease the gears and spindles and reassemble.

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