HP722c: Selection of a Printer

I did a lot of research. The November 3, 1998 PC Magazine article was my main source, although it didn't bother to compare "non-photographic" printers (like the 722c) with "photographic printers" like the HP PhotoSmart printer.

After seeing the demo printouts at CompUSA, which are totally worthless, because they are all different pictures making it impossible to compare, I settled on the 722c. The PC Magazine article placed it high on Photographic Quality, and I wanted to print photos and the Christmas Newsletter.

Several Christmas Newsletters later, the HP722c is still holding up fine and doing a really great job. It turned out to be a good choice and probably won't be replaced any time soon. I quickly gave up on printing photos with this printer mainly because it is very time consuming and the prints tend to fade rather quickly. I use an online print service instead.

14 years later, October 2012, we decided to upgrade to a newer HP all-in-one.

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