Life after college?

The summer after I graduated college, I happened across an offer to have one of my songs included on a tribute to 4AD Records compilation CD entitled thurtene. LIVIA, essentially all me with Heather Flower covering the voice lines, is now forever etched into metallic coasters all over the world. We attempted a faithful rendition of the COCTEAU TWINS "Mizake the Mizan". It's still quite a kick to think about though. It seems that with all that fame and fortune however, I'd spent the last of my 15 minutes of fame, and I the next couple of years were wasted combing through the back of the local papers for 'drummer wanted' ads. Far too often these promises of greatness led nowhere. The CD
Mutton In 1993 however, I joined the super group MUTTON, formed from the ashes of many famous Washington, DC area bands. Comprised of singer/guitarist Crash, thundering bassist Jo and myself on drums, MUTTON, although quiet as of late, built a dedicated following after a bootleg release of a show began circulating shortly after the band went on hiatus. Our anthem Ollie North was heard all across the state of Virginia as Ollie marched his campaign dangerously close to victory. Ollie has privately stated that if it weren't for MUTTON, he might be spending more time on Capitol Hill.
More recently, I was in a band with former MILHOUS guitarist and bassist Joel and Sean called I SEE SPOTS. I played drums again. We have our album Word Order and some other stuff out on the Deep Reverb label. Supersonic Boom is also carrying a lot of our songs available for sale over the net. Check either out if you feel curious. I See Spots
One of the more interesting things I've done lately was filling in on drums in the Lincoln Dixieland Band. My first outing with them was marching in the Lincoln, VA 1997 4th of July parade down main street. I've never marched before, and it was quite different. We've also played a few other times at the Bluemont Festival and the Loudoun County Fair.
So where will I go next? Well, I'm hoping to get my studio up and running again this spring. I've been playing a little guitar and writing some stuff and should have some recordings available soon. The new project is called CONSTELLATION 86.

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