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WARNING! This list of links is very outdated. It is being kept for historic reasons only. I doubt that very many of these links are even valid anymore.

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Hot Stuff

This is stuff I've been using recently that I always seem to need to look at.

C++ Reference
M$ Developer's Network


C++ Reference
A wonderful C++ reference that I've contributed to.
Boost C++ Libraries
Proving ground for future library standards.
Microshaft vs. C++
I'm getting really tired of all those darn warnings from M$/Dinkumware's (Stinkumware) lousy implementation of STL. This page has a few techniques for getting around the problems including a free drop-in STL replacement. Haven't tried them yet, but will do in the future.
Bjarne Stroustrup
The C++ FAQ
Looks like this has gone "book".
The C++ Virtual Library.
Looks really outdated.
I used to use Borland's compiler as it was better than Microshaft's. Haven't touched it in many years, though.
Rich Hickey's Home Page (bad link last I checked)
Home of the C++ callback library I use regularly. Actually, ours is somewhat modified since we started using it before Rich fixed it for VC++. I've archived the original and the new versions here just in case. Rich's website appears to be gone. You can search for the title of his article: "Callbacks in C++ Using Template Functors" and read. Not sure if anyone is maintaining the library, though.

Microshaft Windoze

M$ Developer's Network
Microshaft's official source for programming info.
Dump those debug messages to the screen even if you don't have Visual C++ installed.
Registry FAQ
The Windows 95 Registry FAQ.
Programmer FAQ
MS-Windows Programming FAQ.

Programming Resources

The 'Net

Hacking etc...

Cult of the Dead Cow
Home of BackOrifice and lots of strange texts.
X Underground
VXD Hacking
Hacking Tools
Hacking Links
The Cathedral and the Bazaar.
Approaching Zero
Interesting book about hacking. Also check out other texts in that directory.
Secrets of the Little Blue Box
Everyone's favorite Esquire article.
DDJ x86 Info
Check out the "Intel Secrets" and "Undocumented Corner" sections for interesting x86 features like 4MB paging.
Virus Info
How It Works
Hale Landis' series on PC diskettes and hard disks.
West Coast Institute for Virus Research
Virus samples galore! - Gone.

Miscellaneous Information

Bizarre. And look at those sickeningly low prices! Reminds me of when I used to do people's computer assignments in High School for money.
Lots of info about CD copy protection schemes.
Description of Cyclic Redundancy Checks and source code in some bizarre language. Lousy C++ version.
Astronomy math library with source.
Linux HOWTOs
POSIX Serial Programming
ZModem info
Omen Technologies, Inc.
Home of ZModem
28,800 Modem FAQ
Class 1 FAX Spec
Class 2 FAX Spec


Macmillan Computer Publishing
Books online? Learn C++ in 12 minutes!
Linux Systems Labs
Another source for cheaper/newer Motif (SWiM 2.1).
Metro Link
Motif for Linux. 2.0.1 works fine with Slackware 3.4.
TRS-80 Emulator pages (1) (2)
David A. Lien
Ada 95
Object-Oriented Ada.
The ACM's SIG on Computer Human Interaction.
The ACM's SIG on Sound(?). Haven't looked at it yet.
Wotsit's Format
File formats
MSW Logo
Logo for the IBM PC.
Logo Foundation
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