ExifRen is a Win32 command-line utility that reads the EXIF information in an image file and renames the file based on the date/time stamp in the EXIF information. The file is renamed to the following format:


The "xx" is a sequential set of letters to avoid name clashes for images taken at the exact same second. This is the same format used by Fuji's ExifViewer.

Special requirements


Known Problems

Currently there is a possibility of this utility crashing since I only read the first 4k of the image file, then proceed to happily jump through the TIFF headers with only limited checking to see if I'm ever going past that 4k limit. So far, no trouble at all with my Canon G1 and Olympus D-510 image files. I've started implementing range checking and I should have a new version available in the future that is more robust. If you find an image file that this utility crashes on, please send it to me and I'll implement whatever changes are needed to accommodate.

Windows 95
Although I've not tested it, ExifRen v0.3 probably doesn't work in Windows 95 currently. I do have a fix, so if anyone is in serious need of this, let me know.


FreeWare. Source will be available and GPL-ed when I get around to it. Bug me if you really want it. It does include my nifty reusable DirectoryIterator class which makes handling wildcards and subdirectory recursion a snap.


How to read EXIF tags - This guy also has an "exifren" utility.

Stamp from Tempest Solutions is a heavyweight file renamer (2MB, yikes!) that handles some situations that exifren can't. Try it as an alternative if exifren doesn't cut it for you.

Version Information

exifren-0.3.zip (v0.3) is the third alpha version.


v0.3 - Now handles files that don't have APP1/Exif at the very beginning

v0.2 - Recursion implemented properly, duplication of work eliminated

v0.1 - Initial release

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