JSlide is a powerful and easy to use slide show for web pages. Click here for a demo (requires MS Internet Explorer 5.5 or later). It accepts a list of image filenames and displays the images in sequence. It will automatically resize the slides to fit the space it is given on the page. The size and background color can be customized as needed.

Special requirements


Known Problems

Only one slide show per web page.

Really poor performance over the 'net. I designed it while working with local files, and had no idea it would run like such a dog over a slow network connection.

Doesn't work with Netscape. I don't particularly love Microshaft, or IE, but it is a lot easier to program DHTML in IE than it is in Netscape.


GNU Public License. Read the GNU Public License for full info.

If you use, please link back to here so others can use this as well.



Microshaft IE

Version Information

JSlide2.zip is version 2 (the first public version).


Initial Version.

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Copyright ©2001, Ted Felix