AddCR is a command-line utility that converts a unix-style text file to a DOS-style text file. AddCR adds carriage returns to any linefeeds it finds in the file. If there are already carriage-returns in the file, it will skip those. It also converts tabs to spaces. An example:

AddCR readme.txt

Special requirements

Known Problems

This is a DOS program, so it does not handle long filenames properly from the Win32 command-line.

This was one of my earliest attempts at coding in C. It is very easy to cause this program to crash.

There is very little error checking in this program, so make sure you back up your files before converting them. It is possible that data loss can occur if there is an error accessing the file.




Version Information (v1.0) is the first version.

C Source Code

The original file used to create this utility is addcr.c. This was one of my earliest endeavors at coding C (12/6/1992 is the date), so it's quite naive. This was built with Borland C++ 3.1. It appears to use ANSI C, with no C++ extensions. Should be easily ported to NT or any other OS. I'd suggest fixing all the buffer overruns and other issues first.

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