Capture is a game where you (the "O") try to capture the two computer players (the "*"s). You can push the blocks on the screen around to build traps. To win, you must enclose each * with blocks so that they cannot move at all. You lose if they touch you. Use the arrow keys to move around.

Special requirements



I originally saw a game like this on the Commodore PET (I think it may have been called "Capture!"). I couldn't stop playing it. So, I wrote my own version of it for the IBM PC under BASICA. I spent a couple of days in January 2003 porting it to QBASIC, cleaning up all the GOTOs and GOSUBs and making it a bit more respectable. Through February 2003, I continued reorganizing the code into SUBs, adding loads of comments, and encapsulating the program state into TYPEs to make the code more "object oriented". My intent was to make the source into an example of how to write good code, something that seems very hard to find these days. In this day and age of object oriented programming, it was really hard for me to let it go at that. I hope one day to port this to Java so I can put it on my website for all to play.

Known Problems



FreeWare. Source included.

Version Information source version 2/18/03 8:50am is the fourth release. source version 2/10/03 7:36pm is the third release. source version 2/3/03 9:29pm is the second release. source version 1/21/03 2:50pm is the first release.


2/18/03 8:50am - Fixed midnight crossing issues. Added boolean "true" and "false" constants. Added copyright date and more comments.

2/10/03 7:36pm - Code is now more "object oriented". Gathered player and enemy state into TYPEs which are passed among the appropriate SUBs. Significant reduction in "global data". More SUBs to reduce the complexity of the main program.

2/3/03 9:29pm - TIMER is now used to regulate the speed of the enemies regardless of the speed of the processor.

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