Star Split 2

Starfield simulation, like the screensaver.

Special requirements



I always wanted to write a starfield simulation and use it as the basis for a video game. These days, the Star Wars games like Roque Leader are pretty much what I was shooting for. When I first wrote this on the TRS-80 sometime around 1980, I didn't know enough about math to figure out how to make the stars move out from the center. So, I asked my Dad. He gave me the algorithm that is used in this version. I remember I made an assembler version of this for the TRS-80 at one point, and a C version for the PC that required a Tseng Labs ET-4000 video card. It is really amazing how fast this runs under QBASIC on a modern machine. I never would have dreamed that this would be possible back in 1980.

Known Problems



FreeWare. Source included.

Version Information source version 2/18/03 2:43pm is the first release.


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