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Win32 Un*x Utility Ports (WUUP) is a collection of GNU and BSD UNIX-like utilities that run in Win32 console mode. This is also called the command line in Windows NT and Windows 95.

The idea is to take the BSD and GNU UNIX-like utilities and port them to Win32 so that they will compile under Visual C++. The result is a set of tools that handle long filenames and are very fast as opposed to previous 16-bit ports that have been around for a while. Full source code for VC++ 5.0 is available, see the "Download From" section below.

I've ported compress, file, finger, gzip, head, hexdump, quiz, split, strings, tail, touch, uniq, wc, and whois. I was lucky enough to find Markus Barth's port of GNU tar-1.11.8 which I've added as well. Any other Win32 ports with source code will be accepted and integrated into the collection.


Special Requirements



Initial release.

Version Information

Version 1.00 released 9/6/97.

Known Problems

tar isn't Y2K compliant. It cannot handle dates in the 2000's for its various date-related options like --newer. It stores dates just fine.

In the Source Distribution, I neglect to mention subst-ing drive M:. You must subst the M: drive to point to the location of the include and lib directories for VC++. As an example, if you installed VC++ into c:\apps\devel\DevStudio, then you need to "subst m: c:\apps\devel\devstudio\vc". This way, m:\include is the location of the include files. The header file that fails if you forget is helpful enough to explain the problem.

compress doesn't write to stdout properly (-c option). ASCII newline translation occurrs, thus rendering the results useless. Probably a problem with the way the MS run-time libs work. I'm pretty sure I built with binmode.obj because the rest of it works fine. (3/28/2000 - Michael Cesar noticed the problem)

compress also has more options than in the included docs.

hexdump, -e option doesn't work right because the command line eats up quote characters. One fix that was recommended by a user was to change the following lines in hexsyntax.c from:

case 'e':

To this:

case 'e':
  while (ptrptr=strchr(optarg, '\''))

That will allow you to use the single quote character where the double quote character would normally be used. 5/5/03, by ???

Numerous. The major functionality is correct.


See the documentation in the package. Governed by original copyrights and licenses like the GNU General Public License and the BSD license.

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