Garrity K002G LED Flashlight Review

Ted Felix

I was looking for a good LED flashlight with really long battery life. Most of the models I found emphasized brightness, not battery life. Saw this one at Best Buy for $18 or so. The package gives a list of run times for the three power modes. 162 hours at full power, 324 hours at 50% power, and 700 hours at 25%. This seems perfect for my intended use, a nightlight for the children when the power goes out, which it frequently does around here.

So far, I'm up to 5 of these, one for each floor, and one for each car. They work very well for normal flashlight applications. Haven't had the power go out yet, but I anticipate this winter we'll be checking them out for their intended use. Stay tuned.

The full model number is K002GST04A. It has a Nichia LED and Garrity's SmartLite feature which lets you select from the three power modes or two blink speeds.


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