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Archdiocese December 1994

Buck Rogers Experiment


Originally commissioned by Universal Studios Hollywood for an erotic attraction entitled The Buck Rogers Sexperience. Universal rejected the recording and sued Ted for breach of contract. And it's easy to see why. This recording is absolutely interminable. Avoid. 8 minutes of Ted moaning erotically, screaming like a schoolgirl, farting, and burping to a disco beat while Twiki beedee-beedee's in the background. Recorded sometime in 1984 and 1991. The original recording was 30 minutes and included a rather disturbing yet poignantly intimate scene between Twiki, Crichton, and the Admiral. ("Admiral! Twiki just tweaked me!") Consider yourself lucky that was removed. (WARNING: DO NOT play this around work or children, unless you believe that "enjoying droids sexually" is a natural and wholesome activity that should be shared with children and co-workers. This recording is so disturbing, it has caused cancer in mall rats.)

Buck Rogers Experiment
You've been warned...

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