New Rosegarden App Icon

We really need a new app icon... Before the next delivery in December. Something that says: "Rosegarden has arrived." (Instead of "Rosegarden is the same old shitty app that used to crash every time you tried to do anything with it.")

The app icon might serve as part of a larger logo, or not. E.g. Apple's Logic Pro X icon is a silver record:

...while its logo is just the name in a sans-serif font:

Up to you. Sky's the limit.

Current App Icon

Here's the current app icon:

And the photograph from whence it came:

Original Photo
(Click for full size version.)
(It won't make things much better.)

In the Wild

Normally, this will appear in some sort of set of app icons like the one GNOME has. Here's the Rosegarden logo as it appears on the fourth page of app icons installed on my laptop (second row, first). Note also Rosegarden's icon on the left in the "launcher".

Click for full size.

Some of the icons for apps I commonly use:

Click for full size.


Apple, as usual, has a lot to say about app icons. They have macOS App Icon Guidelines which are worth a read. And here is their icon for Logic Pro X (their Rosegarden):

Microsoft also has some things to say about app icons. Not as slick as Apple, but still worth a read: Desktop Win32 Apps > Design > Guidelines > Visuals > Icons.

The GNOME icon guidelines are a joke compared to Apple/Microsoft. I don't recommend reading them.

SVG Format

Need this in SVG (scalable vector graphics) format so it can be scaled arbitrarily.


Logo and icon work is being shared with the users via the Rosegarden wiki: