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Bought two of these for the kids. They are very good, except they are a bit on the slow side. If you enter numbers too quickly it will tend to drop them. Very annoying as you might get a wrong answer without knowing why.

TI Voyage 200

Along with the TI-15's, got one of these babies for me. I've always wanted one. Reminds me of my old TRS-80 Pocket Computer 4 (PC-4), but much more powerful. The Voyage 200 plays a mean Lunar Lander.

Current Projects

On-Calculator Command Reference - My TI calculator command reference designed to be used online on the calculator itself. It comes in 3 volumes formatted for the TI-92 and TI-Voyage 200 (TI-V200) 38 column screens. The content is based on the TI-V200 command reference, but with smaller (and better) examples, much editing, and some rewriting by me. It was pretty grueling doing this on that little keyboard, but it was a lot of fun too. I learned a lot, and rediscovered quite a bit about my Math degree that I had long forgotten. Click here to download my on-calc TI Command Reference. (25k .zip file containing TI text files for upload to the calculator.)

Lunar Lander - I always write one of these to get familiar with the capabilities of the machine when it comes to real-time gaming. The Voyage 200 performs well here but is a bit slow. Click here to download my Lunar Lander game for the TI Voyage 200.

divisors - One of the features of Mathematica that I use quite a bit when checking the kids' homework is "divisors". The TI calculators don't have this function, so I rolled my own in TI-BASIC that is pretty fast (O(sqrt(N))). Click here to download my divisors function for the TI Voyage 200.

Character Set - Here's a quick and dirty way to view the TI Voyage 200 character set. Click here to download my character set program for the TI Voyage 200.

Future Projects

On-Calculator 68000 reference - Assembler reference. I've got the Williams and the Kane, Hawkins and Leventhal books. So, I'm ready.

On-Calculator Technical Reference - Memory map, and all the nitty-gritty tech details required for writing assembler programs for the TI-V200 calculator. Using "exec". Stand-alone assembler programs. Dangers. Et cetera...


TICalc.org - A great archive of all things TI. Search engine sucks, but if you don't mind browsing, you can find some real gems. This is where I found TI-Text which I used to convert PC text files to TI calculator format for my on-calc command reference.

TI-TipList - A great site filled with many tips for getting the most out of your TI calc. The reduced command ref is what I started out using for my OnCalc Command Reference, but I ended up completely re-writing it from scratch.

TI Graphing Calculator FAQ

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