Dedicated to IBM's poor execution of a great idea.

This is just a bunch of hastily thrown together stuff so I can keep it all in one place. This also helps me to track Jeff Bryer's excellent (although currently disappeared) Mwave site by changing only one link. That's the real motivation!

My Stuff

My Mwave history. How I got caught up in this mess.

Digital Delay software by me.

.VOI Recorder software by me.

OfficeF/X - My review of Spectrum Signal Processing's Mwave-based OfficeF/X card.

Mwave Graphics - Small .BMP files of: The Best Data ACE logo, the Mwave "m flag" logo, the "m flag" logo embossed (for background tiling), and an "m flag" logo icon.

Mwsynth.ini - At one point, somebody needed the INI file for the Mwave MIDI synth. I put it here.

Gain Task - A gain task for Mwave. .dsp files are executables for the DSP. You'll need the MDK to use this.


IBM's Open Source Mwave driver for Linux - What a concept! Here it is, March 21, 2001 and I find this. Will wonders ever cease? Although there is no DSP assembler utility or source code for the DSP tasks, there is complete source code for the PC side of the Mwave Manager. Only the DSP binaries are included. No soundcard-related code is included except for the MEIO stuff. The modem stuff does include source for decoding the World Trade Table that I had trouble with on the OfficeF/X. Hours of fun code reading for the entire family!

MwaveHaven - Jeff Bryer's (now Mike Bouckley's) Mwave site. Most of the drivers for Mwave are there along with lots of other info. This site goes up and down all the time. Hopefully this new mirror will stay up for a while. It used to be here and here.

Michael Bouckley's site - Home of various mirrors of Mwave stuff.

Mwave Mailing List. Send the message that appears. It should have the subject "Subscribe". This is hosted at Jeff's site which as I mentioned above hasn't been up for quite a while.

Mwave Project for Linux from A short-lived attempt at drumming up some Linux support.

The future of Mwave?. IBM's MicroNews Vol 3 No 2 Article: "IBM DSP Solutions for Mobile and Desktop Markets" by Bob Crenshaw and Ray Uhlir. Talks about the MDSP3780 series of Mwave processors.

Mwave Dump! Aptiva owners were burned by Mwave and got together to file a class action lawsuit. Cool. Check out the current status at the IBM Mwave Settlement site. More info is also on IBM's site.

Dale Wick's Thinkpad under Linux page. This guy did some hacking of Mwave for Linux.

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Disclaimers: Mwave is a load of junk. Don't fall for it. The picture of the silly dancing TV is owned by IBM, though they'll deny having anything to do with it. If they admit having anything to do with it, then they must send me $1000 to cover the costs of all the useless Mwave stuff I bought. The contents of this page are Copyright 2000, with all rights reserved by me, Ted Felix.

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