Making a Kodak Picture CD

Ryan Stotts 1/23/2006

There is a way to make a Kodak Picture CD.

I just went up to Walgreen's to have one made (for $3) after failing to get a "jpg cd" to play on my standalone DVD player.

I looked on the Kodak Picture CD. A couple of interesting files in the root directory, but I don't think they are significant because I made a new CD without them and it worked just the same on my standalone DVD player.

I think the key to making a Kodak Picture CD is in the image naming and numbering system.

These images I made clear everything up.

The two data files in this image are not needed. I just show them for reference.

All that is needed is to make a folder called "PICTURES" and rename and number your images like so.

Could still do some more experimenting to see if even the folder must be named this and in caps or not and also about the naming and numbering conventions. This method does work though. Let it be known that a Kodak Picture CD can be made...

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