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Kodak Film Scanner 2000
Julie's teardown. If anybody happens to have the drivers lying around, please send! Julie is going to reverse engineer and re-implement so she can bring this beast back to life.

Kodak Photo CD 101
Read about the basics of Photo CD. Find out what it can do, and how you can use it.

Hardware Support
I have a fairly recent Plextor PX-740A DVD recorder and it refuses to read Photo CD discs. If you find that your computer doesn't recognize your Photo CD discs, you might need to try a different CD drive. Photo CD discs do not adhere strictly to the standard for data CDs, so they can cause trouble. A reader has informed us that leaving the CD in the drive and rebooting works for them.

The Lost Highlights Problem
Ever loaded a washed out Photo CD image? It can be fixed by using the right software.

Software that really supports Kodak Photo CD
Find software to fix the Lost Highlights Problem, and other interesting Photo CD specific applications.

Photo CD and Transparency Film
A look at how to shoot transparency film for Photo CD.

How labs affect scan quality
Choosing the right lab can make a big difference.

Advanced Topics
Copying, Compression, and Photoshop (oh my!)

Make Your Own Photo CD
Getting easier every day....

Links and Abstracts
A large collection of Photo CD resources around the Internet.

Welcome to my webpage covering everything Kodak Photo CD. If you're new to Photo CD, there's a lot to learn here. Even if you've been using Photo CD for a while, you might be able to pick up a few new tricks. And, if you've been avoiding Photo CD because you've been told that "Photo CD is the worst thing you could ever do to your images", you'll find out why some people feel that way. I hope you enjoy this site. Drop me some email if you have any comments, suggestions, additions, or corrections. Questions also welcome, of course.

See what others have said about this site (including Kodak!).

Read about the history of Kodak Photo CD.

A few suggestions for Kodak on improving the Photo CD system.

Software Developers
Technical information for those wanting to add Photo CD support to their applications.

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