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Fade Testing

Click here for fade testing links.

Kodak PhotoCD

Click here for my extensive list of links dealing with Kodak Photo CD.

DigiCam Reviews

If you are thinking of getting a Digital Camera, these sites are the first places you should look. Each of them has excruciating reviews of all the latest and most popular models. It's enough to make your head spin.

Digital Photography Review - Great news section and forums.
Steve's Digicams - Good news section.
Imaging Resource - Comprehensive reviews.
Digital Camera Resource Page
Megapixel.net - Monthly news and reviews.

User Reviews

Once you're done reading reviews by people who are paid by the manufacturers, check out reviews by people who aren't. The real problems quickly become apparent.

PC Photo Review
Camera Review - Film camera reviews


rec.photo.digital FAQ
Digital Fine Art Magazine
Directory of Photo resources.
FRCN Digital Imaging
Photographers' Resources
Digital Photography FWIW
All Things Photo


Great prices, great service. I try to go here first.
I usually get my digicams from CDW. Not the best price, but good service.
The Filter Connection
Wide selection of filters and step-up/down rings.
Calumet Photographic
I've been ordering here. Good place. High prices.
Light Impressions
Archival supplies. Mylar-D (polyester) and High Density Polyethylene.
Norman Camera
Precision Camera
Might find a bargain.
Cases 4 Less
Pelican cases.
DC Pro

Canon AE-1

I now own two Canon FD cameras, the AE-1 and the AT-1. Both work very well.

Canon USA, Inc.
The Manufacturer.
Canon Classic Cameras (Magic Lantern Guides Classic Series)
A great book that covers the A series cameras, and lots of important info.
Craig Camera's Instruction Books (Calumet to Cybes)
These guys carry the AE-1 manual. The Magic Lantern book turned out to be perfect, so I never ordered one.
Canon FD Pages
A great collection of info on various AE-1 related items.
Karl Aimo - Canon repair guy.

The Search for a Photo Printer

I ended up going home with the HP DeskJet 722c. It has served me very well so far. Print life leaves a little to be desired. Hopefully that will be rectified with later models in the near future.

PC Magazine's Nov 3, 1998 article, "Personal Printers"
A great set of reviews, but no correlation between photo printers and regular inkjets.
HP Printers and Digital Imaging Home Page
I ended up getting the HP 722C (right before the 895CSE came out!). It works very well. See my HP722c page for more info.
HP PhotoSmart Photo Printer Data Sheet
EPSON Stylus Photo 700
I've had bad experiences with Epson printers, and reading the FAQ led me to believe that they have some really odd drivers. Lumijet makes special inks for the Epson printers that extend print life significantly. If I'da known that......
EPSON Stylus Photo EX
Canon Computer Systems Inc.
I seriously considered the BJC-5000, and the other photo quality printers from Canon, but too many people indicated that the print quality is poor, and they tend to jam.
Canon Computer Systems Inc.: Color bubble Jet Printers: BJC-8200 Features

One day I'll need another photo printer. Here's my research for the next printer.

Epson 2000p - Pigment based ink printer. Only complaints so far have to do with color accuracy under different lighting conditions. Also check out Michael H. Reichmann's Epson 2000p Review. Low contrast and low saturation seem to be the chief complaints, but they aren't very serious.

Olympus P-400
How 'bout Dye-Sub? Seems very unpopular for some reason.
Epson 870/1270 Fading
Yikes! And I almost bought one of these. On top of Epson's history of clogged heads, this looks real bad.
One of Epson's newer printers. Can't read japanese, though.
HP PhotoSmart 1100/1000 Review - Steve Hoffmann's review of the second generation Photosmarts
ALPS MD-5500 Press Release
Alps discussion group

Inkjet Paper

Winner of my accelerated light fade tests.
Digital Art Supplies
These guys have a cool selection of InkJet papers. Free samples too.
Lots of Inkjet papers. If I'da found this site when I was printer shopping, I might have gone for an Epson Inkjet printer....

Inkjet Refills

Haven't tried refilling yet. Hope to in the near future...

These guys were the first to announce a hack for Epson's ink level detection chip that prevents refilling. Rock 'n' Roll!
How to Refill HP 51641A and C1823A Inkjet Cartridges
Automation Consulting and Supply, Inc.
Inks Unlimited
GPG Inkjet Refills
Creative Technology
Image Control
Netwares & Specialties
EPA Settles With Hewlett-Packard
I guess HP's inkjet cartridges cause cancer....

The Search For A Film Scanner

The search is over, I went home with a Polaroid SprintScan 4000 and I returned it after 20 days or so of frustration. More links for the SprintScan 4000 are at that link. I will probably never touch a film scanner again. Those old negatives will just have to rot away.

Canon FS4000 Review
This guy was going to do a review. Hopefully he does and it is there. The FS4000 has better software than the Nikon, and a lower price.
Nikon LS-4000 vs. LS-2000
Very interesting comparison. I'm now leaning toward a Nikon LS-40 (aka Coolscan IV ED). But, I'm in no rush. Maybe I'll wait for the next generation. Nikon's software is pretty poor and crashes a lot according to users. Good thing there's Vuescan!
My SprintScan 4000 Review
It's not pretty. I just plain wasn't impressed with the color negative performance when compared to Kodak Photo CD. Why others put up with these things is beyond me.
Ed Hamrick's Site
Ed's VueScan scanning software is a "must have" for many brands of film scanner. For the Polaroid SprintScan 4000, it offers batch scanning that works, and much better color negative film support.
Kodak RFS3600
Well, I might be able to figure out why SBA sucks with this one. Real cool feature: scans a whole uncut roll! Many users don't like the speed and the stability of the software.
PhotographyREVIEW.com: Film scanner reviews.
Imaging Resource
Film scanner reviews and other stuff. Reviews show gory details of using each scanner's drivers. Very cool.
Reviews of scanners and digicams. Film scanners too.
Tony Sleep - Home Page
Filmscanner reviews, and a mailing list.
Filmscanners Mailing list archive
Michael H. Reichmann's review of the Polaroid 4000
Steve Hoffmann Photography
Web and digital imaging tech tips Talks about the PhotoSmart S20 and Nikon LS2000 Film Scanners.
Scanner Reviews
Scan Discussion List
Put the words "subscribe scan" in the body of the message.

Color Management

Dry Creek Photo - Printer profiling and reviews of color management equipment. They also have printer profiles for labs around the world.

Color Management Info

Unfortunately, there's a bit of controversy surrounding the following sites. Looks to me like the older FAQ maintainer, David Bourgin did indeed drop the ball, but I can't say that I agree with Poynton's approach to trying to fix the problem. Anyways, read with caution. These FAQs aren't really for beginners. Most of them assume the reader knows too much.

CICA's Gamma Tutorial
First, read this easy to understand tutorial on Gamma before delving into the controversial sites that follow. Graeme W. Gill does a good job making sense of it all. It is a bit outdated, so statements about "popular imaging software" must be put into historic context.
Charles Poynton's Site
Author of the current Color and Gamma FAQs. Poynton is not happy at all with Timo's insistence (see below) that Gamma 1.0 is better than Gamma 2.0. Most of Poynton's issues seem to center around Timo's willingness to go a bit over the edge at the cost of correctness.
Accurate Image Manipulation
Lots of color and gamma tech info from Timo Autiokari. Timo believes we should all work in Gamma 1.0 space to avoid the losses introduced by higher Gamma spaces. That would be great if we only had better 16-bit and Gamma 1.0 support in Photoshop. Maybe in 8.0? Timo does get some cool effects that are worth investigating, contrary to the opinions of the many strong-willed people that are critical of him. Timo gets a little out of hand at times, though, so it isn't surprising there is some hostility towards him.
David Bourgin's Colorspace FAQ
An attempt at an "easy-to-understand" FAQ. This is the older FAQ that Poynton takes issue with. It is admittedly, very poorly written and error-filled. See Poynton's comments. One of Poynton's comments is erroneous. The comment about PhotoYCC takes issue with what is a known fact and is well-documented by Kodak. When you use Kodak's sanctioned algorithm to convert from PhotoYCC to RGB, you get values that range from 0 to 346. You must then scale them to fit 0 to 255. He says in response, "Whoever wrote this has a poor understanding of the way PhotoYCC works." I guess he is referring to Kodak. I can't argue with that. I've emailed him. No response......
A rather old version of Poynton's Colorspace FAQ
Chris Cox' Gamma Info
One of the developers of Photoshop weighs in on the gamma issue.

Controversy-free sites...

Colour Space Conversions
International Color Consortium
.ICC file format spec.
Various Color Management info. Index of vendors.

Color Management Profiling Solutions

I've been meaning to try a color management package, but I've been pretty successful at doing color management by trial and error. In fact, I came up with a "ringaround" file that lets me see a wide range of tweaks to color and density so I can match which is best on the printer I happen to be working with. Then I just apply those tweaks before I print. This has worked extremely well for me. My screen and prints match very well.

Eye-One Color
Makers of the GretagMacbeth Eye-One Display. Cheaper than the ColorVision spyder, and reportedly better.
Makers of PhotoCal, OptiCal and Monitor Spyder.
Scarse Home Page
Color Management profiling software for Linux.
Color Savvy
Makers of very expensive profiling software.
Makers of monitor color calibrators. Check out their Color Theory Page
International Commission on Illumination - aka CIE
LOGO Kommunikations - und Drucktechnik GmbH, Division of GretagMacbeth
Makers of ProfileMaker profiling software.
Monaco Systems
Makers of MonacoEZColor profiling software. Check out Ian Lyons' review.
Makers of WiziWYG profiling software.
Randy Glass' review of Praxisoft's WiziWYG

Chemical Prints from Digital Images

Since the print life on my HP722c isn't all that great, I've decided to research alternative printing approaches.

Digital Prints
You can find most of my info about digital prints here.
These guys are in a very different category. They make the equipment for scanning and printing high volume.


The Zeltsman Approach to Formal Classic Portraiture
Learning Photography
DOF Preview and the Gray Card Walk.

Random unsorted

Mark Williams' Site
He found my site while searching for info on the Sony Wide Angle Conversion lens. Gave me a rave review. Cool pix on his site.
Ballet/Dance Photography
I've done some. It's fun.
NetObjects Fusion Rotating Picture - Some slideshow thing for the web (?).
Another place that will sell your photos for you.
Custom Poster Store
Will sell your photos as posters to complete strangers and give you a cut.
Altamira Group
Makers of Genuine Fractals image resizing app.
Xequte Software
Imaging apps.
How bad is JPEG?
Bob Wheeler
Corel KnockOut
Software for removing backgrounds.
Idaho Airships - Aerial imaging. Lots of Photoshop info at this site.
Sim Video Productions
Tip Sheets on using a light meter and other subjects.
Creative Arts Photography
I have no idea. Some photographer that does restorations.
These guys are near me and do scanning, but they never answered my email.
Photo Critique Forum
An interesting community for commenting on photos.
Online photo album service.
Josh Carter's site. Includes a good article about external flash techniques.
Trevor's Storm Support Center
Since Storm went out of business, Trevor has taken over as tech support.
Digital Light and Color
Home of Picture Window. Brief Photo CD info here too.
Photo album site. ArcSoft's PhotoPrinter is available here. Prints multiple images on a page.
Kinetronics Corp.
Makers of Anti-Static Brushes and whatnot.
Calumet Cadet 4x5 View Camera
Shutterbug - 1997 Product Previews (calumet 4x5 review)
Soligor Spot Sensor II and Digital Spot Sensor
Smithsonian Institute - Office of Imaging, Printing and Photo Services
Wayne Fulton's scanning tips
Megapixel.net - Digital imaging web magazine.
Editorial Photographers - How much do magazines pay for photos.
Luminous Landscape
Michael H. Reichmann's site. Includes LightJet Vs Inkjet, the Polaroid 4000, and other goodies.
A Freeware Graphic Viewer???
Photo Archive
Photo Archive software. ???
Makers of ACDSee Image viewer???
Cymbolic Sciences
I want a LightJet 5000 in my basement!
Ansel Adams - Wow.
Found the Kodak Gray Scale at the Panavision Store. Ended up buying it at Penn Camera.
Slide Show Java Applets
Lots of other good stuff too at DaveCentral.
Are you having focusing problems?
Article about dioptric adjustment. Turns out my left eye is astigmatic (is that a word?), so dioptric adjustment is useless. I've since switched to using my right eye in the camera.
LumiQuest Photographic Accessories
I have the Pocket Bounce on my Vivitar 550FD. It works very well. The soft-box looks good for my Vivitar 2600 flash.
Welcome to Photoflex!
The On-Camera XTC II inflatable diffuser looks interesting. I haven't bought one or tried it. The Lumiquest pocket bounce has worked fine.
Various interesting articles and reviews.
I develop all my film to PhotoCD. Unfortunately.

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