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Ted's Unofficial Kodak Photo CD Homepage
The definitive resource on Kodak Photo CD.

Canon G6 Digital Camera
My main camera. Review and tips.

Canon G1 Digital Camera
My previous main camera. Review and tips.

Digital Prints
Ongoing comparison of online print services.

Information and Techniques

Technique - My current approach to photography and an overview of this site.

Digital Cameras - Buyer's guide.

Introduction to Photoshop - Learn about the most commonly used features in Photoshop.

Retouching Process - Read about how I fix up my photos using Photoshop.

Targeting - Poor Man's Color Management

Photoshop: Fixing Digicam Color Aliasing - My first Photoshop tutorial.

Filters for Digital Photography - Which ones are worth buying?

Infrared Digital Photography - Cool effects you can obtain with your digicam.

Reading List - Great Photography books.

Photography Links - Lots more places to go for even more information.

Scanning Color Negative Film - Not fun at all.

Why Digital Imaging Doesn't Work - It's all Kodak's damn fault!

Big Prints - Going beyond 8x10. By Jon Harris.


ColorVision SpyderPRO Monitor Spyder with OptiCAL - How nice it is to be able to trust my monitor for a change!

Wacom Graphire Graphics Tablet - Great tool for photo retouching.

HP DeskJet 722c Inkjet Printer - Tips for networking the 720 722 710 and 712 are here.

HP DeskJet 722c Inkjet Fade Tests - Informal test of image fading with various Inkjet paper and the HP 722c.

Fuji FinePix 1300 Digital Camera - A very fast/versatile camera for the price. Find out how I selected it.

JamC@m 2.0 Digital Camera - Simple and fun for the kids. Difficult for the person who has to get the pictures off.

Vivitar ViviCam 55 Digital Camera - Small and cool. Main issue is horrible dynamic range.

Polaroid SprintScan 4000 Filmscanner - Disappointing. I returned it and put the money into digital cameras.

Storm EasyPhoto Scanner - My first scanner. I scanned several hundred prints with this.

HP5370c Scanner vs. Kodak Photo CD - Comparison by Ian Gorman.

Sony VCL-0637H Wide Angle Conversion Lens - I use this on my Sony DCR-TR7000 Digital 8 Handycam.

Minds@Work Digital Wallet - Too bad it died after a few years...

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