Sony VCL-0637H
Wide Angle Conversion Lens

Quick Review

I really wanted to get a wide angle conversion lens for my DCR-TR7000 Digital 8 camcorder, but information on the 'net was scarce as to which one to buy. Sony has two, the VCL-0637H, and the VCL-ES06. I was able to gather from Sony's site that the VCL-ES06 is designed to fit cameras with both 37mm threads, and 52mm threads. Sounded to me like it might not be tuned for my camcorder which has 37mm threads. So, I decided to go with the VCL-0637H.

It was an excellent choice. The lens is quite large, and heavy (3 ounces). The added weight is good, as I've always found these tiny camcorders to be too light and small to keep steady. It has 3 elements in 3 groups. The optics are excellent. No vignetting, and zoom works fine. Auto-Focus works fine, and the depth of focus is extremely deep. With manual focus you can focus to just before infinity, and everything will be in focus. The lens is obviously designed specifically for 37mm threads as there is a lens on each end of the thing. I had found a site reviewing the VCL-ES06, and it complained about vignetting. None here.

Tiffen and Kenko both make wide angle conversion lenses for 37mm threads. I'm not sure how well they work, but the Sony has been perfect for me.


Elaine Sapp was kind enough to report to me that the VCL-ES06 lens on the Mavica FD-73 blocks the flash. She's going to try the VCL-0637H as well.

I tried the VCL-0637H on my Canon G1. Results were unimpressive. The Canon's built-in lens does a better job. The VCL-0637H vignetted at max wide, and even when you zoomed in a bit to get past the vignetting, the edges of the image were extremely blurry.


Sony - Or also here.

THK Photo Products, Inc. - The makers of Kenko products


DiscountCell - Sells Kenko lenses.

CameraSphere - Sells Sony and Kenko lenses. I emailed sales several times with no response.

PCPhotoReview Gallery - This gallery has digicam pix from Robby Bennett using numerous conversion lenses.

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