Absolute Value is:
David Seifert Lead Vocals
Susan Ack Lead Vocals, Backing Vocals
Darrin Danner Lead Guitar, Bass, Backing Vocals
Ed Seighman Bass, Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals
Andrew Kastello Drums, Backing Vocals


From the debut album, "I Can't Dance to Any of These".

It's Easy


Live from Butthole Central
Recorded: 9/14/89
Songs: Voices, Slip Through, Friend, Tell That Girl, What To Do, 
       Legacy, It's Easy, Rage Out, Minor Treat, Two Seconds, 
       You Can't Have It, Never Again, Tell That Girl, Friend,
       It's Easy, Nowhere Without You
I Can't Dance to Any of These!
Recorded: 10/29/89, and the rest of 1989
Produced By: Ted Felix and Absolute Value.
Songs: Minor Treat, Tell That Girl, Rage Out, You Can't Have It, 
       Voices, Friend, It's Easy, Two Seconds (side 2) Slip Through, 
       "You, Me, Us", What To Do, Never Again, This is Nowhere, 
       "Cracks In My Underwear, Fire! (live)"
Live In Charles Hall (not released)
Recorded: 4/19/90
Produced By: Ted Felix
Songs: Message to a Deaf Person, Stepping Stone, Speak No Evil,
       Nathan's Note, Tomorrow, Legacy, Voices, It's Easy (Rage Out)
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