The Dick Beaters

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Formed by "Little" Dick Beater and his brother Tim. Most critics have classified the music as "Extreme Avant-Garde". One of their recordings even included the sounds of a 10,000 square foot recording studio being demolished. They left the microphones set up in the studio and moved the 24-track equipment to the safety of a nearby van. Sales of the group's albums did not fare well due to the difficulty of categorizing such a group. Their songs weren't exactly foot-tappers.

"Little" was over 7 feet tall and weighed 350lbs. From his own personal experience, he wrote songs about the emotional stress that people who are short go through. Tim was a seasoned brass and woodwind player, capable of playing many instruments including some rather exotic horns from Bali. Linus Winesap's vocal style employs a 45-octave range (0 to 35 Terahertz) that was enhanced by a few experimental surgical and pharmaceutical procedures in the late '70s.


Title Slowgun
Format Continuous Sound
Recorded May 17, 1984
Released May 1984
Location Jammer's Studio, Rockville
Songs Slowgun, Slowgun Saga, Slowgun Gets Shot, Control of Slowgun, (Side 2), I'm Short, Pituitary Blues, Slowgun Survives, Look Under Slowgun, Wearing Slowgun, There is no Escape for Slowgun.

Title Large Pants
Format Continuous Sound
Recorded June 31, 1984
Released June 1984
Location Jammer's Studio, Rockville
Songs Small Things Cum in Good Packages Because Otherwise They'll Break, Hope for the Short, Mama My Pants Don't Fit, Control of the Bladder, (Side 2), Large Pants, Belts Made of String, Small Pits, Small Thang, Take a Look at me (You Might Need a Microscope).

Title Where's the Butt?
Format Continuous Sound
Recorded August 5, 1984
Released August 1984
Location Jammer's Studio, Rockville
Songs Where's the Butt, Small One, Fall Into the Toilet, Down the Drain, I Can't Stop Grabbing You, Look at my Thing (You Might Need a Microscope), (Side 2), Inside the Small Butt, Flush of the Handle, Push Me in I'm Small, Long Haul on the Toilet, Remote Control Toilets.
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