The Buttocks


Voyage to Uranus - Ted botches the lyrics while J.J.Jammer puts in an amazing series of psychedelic solos in this "Dream Beguine" tour de force. Features news soundbytes from the Voyager flyby of Uranus in January 1986.

"I have to tell you again how absolutely f*cking in awe I am when you do stuff like [Voyage to Uranus]. The speeded up Bob Ryan and others plus all the whacked out drug stuff (if only) just make the song that much more awesome." -- Keith Richmond

High Culture

Wikipedia's article: The Cultural History of the Buttocks. - "Sexualization of the buttocks has occurred throughout history, especially of the female buttocks."

"It is like a barber's chair, that fits all buttocks---the pin buttock, the quatch buttock, the brawn buttock, or any buttock." -- Shakespeare

"Arcadio suffered from shoes that were too large, from his patched pants, from his female buttocks." -- Gabriel Garcia Marquez

"Gorbachev sings tractors: Turnip! Buttocks!" - Milo Bloom



Butt Festival '83
By: Buttocks III  (J.J., Beater, Ted)
Recorded: 12/22/83    Released: 12/83
Format: Random; Seemingly Dolby B, but the hiss and the "music" are 
        virtually indistinguishable
Songs: Tribute to Gang Green, Stairway to Heaven, Ode to Penalologists, 
       Tribute to the CCCB, Foxey Lady, Purple Anus, Dazed Anus, (Side 
       2), Undressed Man, Tribute to WGAY, Whole Lotta Love.  
Listening Notes: 
       For this recording, Ted used his patented "way too much dynamic
       range compression" technique.  Anytime the band is silent, the
       noise rushes up to be louder than the band.  It's like listening
       to the ocean crashing on the shore.
Anal Connection
By: Buttocks III  (J.J., Beater, Ted)
Recorded: 2/17/84    Released: 2/84
Format: Random; Sound engineering becoming more "professional" (i.e.
        you can just barely make out something resembling "music").
Songs: Whole Lotta Love, Purple Anus, Stairway to Heaven, G/D Chord, 
       Tribute to Gang Green, Undressed Man, Jammer plays with his 
       Teeth and Buttocks, Tribute to WGAY, Dazed Anus, (Side 2), 
       Washing Machine, Bar-B-Q, Tribute to Butt Festival, Tribute to 
       Flower Power, Black Dog, Ode to Faces.  
Behind the Butt at the Anal Connection
By: Buttocks III  (J.J., Beater, Ted)
Recorded: 2/17/84    Released: 4/84
Format: Extended recording of above, including mistakes, and the lunch 
Key Moment: Ted drops the tape recorder into the engine compartment of
            J.J.'s car and the sound of the tape and the car being
            destroyed is fantastic.
Adventure on Uranus (Down with School)
By: Buttocks II  (J.J., Ted)
Recorded: 6/11/84    Released: 6/84
Format: Shows some signs of organization
Songs: Black Sabbath, Washing Machine, Paranoid, Foxey Lady, Tribute to 
       Gang Green, B/E, I Cum On Your Grave, Highway to Hell, (Side 2), 
       Tribute to WGAY, Rainy Night, Tribute to Crashed Davenport, 
       Dazed Anus, Bang your Head, You Really Got Me, Cornucopia, 
       Purple Anus, Power Chord.  
Flying Feces on the Fourth
By: Buttocks II  (J.J., Ted)
Recorded: 7/5/84    Released: 7/84    Re-Released: 11/84
Format: First release was a 12 record set, and the public disliked the 
        cost, so Ted reduced it to fit on one LP, and re-released 
Songs: I Cum On Your Grave, N.I.B., B/E, Iron Man, Paranoid, Ode to 
       Penalologists, G/D Chord, Engine Sounds, (Side 2), Tribute to 
       the Feedback 4, Ode to Startovox, Notional Anthem, Willow Hill, 
       Fifth (Tribute to Beethoven), Breakdance Fifth, Tribute to WGAY, 
       Scratch, Tribute to Gang Green.  
Red Rectum
By: Buttocks II  (J.J., Ted)
    Buttocks IV  (J.J., Scott, Bryan, Ted)
Recorded: 8/15/84    Released: 8/84
Format: Unexplainable
Songs: (B2) Paranoid, Washing Machine, (B4) Tribute to Gang Green, 
       Washing Machine, Possession I, I Cum On Your Grave, Tribute to 
       Feedback 4, Stairway to Heaven.  
Fall on Uranus
By: Buttocks II  (J.J., Ted)
Recorded: 11/6/84    Released: 11/84
Format: Much more like an album
Songs: Fall on Uranus, Washing Machine, I Cum On Your Grave, Tribute to 
       Indian, Narrow Escape, Tribute to Gang Green, (Side 2), Revenge 
       of the Cow People, Fall on Your Face, Tribute to the Stones, 
       B/E, Insanity II, Fall on Uranus.  
Orbiting Uranus
By: Buttocks II  (J.J., Ted)
Recorded: 12/7/84    Released: 12/84
Format: True Album, including many great new chart-topping hits
Songs: Washing Machine, Infected By You, Tribute to Indian, Possession 
       Chronicle, Fall on Uranus, Polyester Face, Satan's Head, (Side 
       2), B/E, Tribute to Boarder Patrol, Dazed Earthquake, Whale 
       Attack, ?, ?.  
Butt Festival '84
By: Buttocks III  (J.J., Beater, Ted)
Recorded: 12/23/84    Released: 12/84
Format: Random
Songs: Voyage to Uranus, B/E, Jammers Medley, Washing Machine, Fall on 
       Uranus, Guitar Madness.  
Key Moment: Ted's "brilliant" idea of plugging two guitars into one
            distortion pedal results in a completely fried distortion
Best of the Buttocks
By: The Buttocks
Recorded: From all albums    Released: Not Yet
Format: 2 Record set, Record 1 is comedy cuts from the first two albums, 
        Record 2 is the "Best of" album.  
Songs: Purple Anus, Possession Chronicle, Voyage to Uranus, Whale Attack, 
Noteworthy: Ted introduces the expression, "Accidents do happen with the
            Buttocks" which becomes a catch-phrase for the J.J.Jammers.
Butt Session '85
By: Buttocks II (J.J., Ted)
Recorded: 4/21/85
Format: Album
Songs: Washing Machine, Fall on Uranus, Jack's Bolero (Medley), J.J.'s 
       Bolero, Border Patrol, Indian Part I, Indian Part II, Voyage to
       Uranus, Narrow Escape, CSA; Blank Tape, Tribute to Owls, Region's
       Revenge, Death Waltz, Death of Slowgun, Satan's Head, Naked at
       Nine, B/E.
Jamming Up Uranus
By: Buttocks II (J.J., Ted), Buttocks III (J.J., Ted, Andy Piece)
Recorded: 6/3/85    Released: 6/85
Format: EP
Songs: Washing Machine, Voyage to Uranus, Washing Machine
Butt Festival '85
By: Buttocks II (J.J., Ted)
Recorded: 12/22/85    Released: 12/85
Format: Album
Songs: Indian, Purple Haze, Washing Machine, Gang Green, Fall on Uranus,
       Buttocks Medley (Gang Green, Ode to Penalologists, Washing Machine, 
       Narrow Escape, ICOYG, Possession I, Fall on Uranus, Border Patrol,
       B/E, Indian), Bass in Space.
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