Band History

Classical Ugandan Music (CUM) was formed by Ted to compete in a battle of the bands at St. Mary's College of Maryland. For this battle, CUM played a set of cover tunes: The Cure "Just Like Heaven", David Lee Roth "Just Like Paradise", and Aerosmith "Walk This Way". During the solo for Just Like Heaven, Ted jumped off the stage and landed on the judges. The solo went off without a hitch, but the judges were not too happy. Keith donned a mop head that had been dyed brown to look like dreadlocks. Alasdair played the cowbell on his keyboard and went completely crazy at the end of the set. He shredded a notebook and tossed the pages around the stage, then threw his boots into the audience, injuring several people. He only got one of his boots back and had to carry his keyboard back to his room while bootless.

CUM tied for Third place in the battle. Chocolate Crankshaft came in First, Precious Cargo was Second, and Max Guerrin's Guitar Army shared the Third place prize with CUM. The Boyz placed Fourth, and there were no other bands competing. Prizes were only awarded to the top three, and CUM used the $20 to buy dinner at Subway.

Battle of the Bands

Pictures from the battle of the bands in St. Mary's Hall, April 26, 1988. Photos by John Starmer.

Alasdair and Ted
Alasdair M. Brooks and Ted
Sean and Matt
Sean Dawson, Matt O'Byrne
Keith with dreads
Keith Richmond


Sean Dawson Lead Vocals
Ted Lead Guitar
Matt O'Byrne Bass/Rhythm Guitars
Alasdair M. Brooks Keyboards/Backing Vocals/Shoes
Keith Richmond Drums


Check out CUM's cover of Aerosmith's Walk This Way.

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