Last Supper

Band History

Last Supper was the first band of its kind in the Ted Chain. Sean Dawson and Ted formed Last Supper to showcase Sean's unique vocal abilities and Ted's unique guitar playing inabilities. Sean began writing songs for Last Supper early in 1987. After trying to find a bassist and a drummer, Last Supper finally recorded drum tracks with Dick Shaver at his studio in Potomac Maryland. Jesus Done recorded his bass tracks later at Ted Team Studios, SMC.

On the lyrics side, Sean sought to create songs that seemed on a superficial level to be one thing, yet upon careful reflection, the victim er... uh... listener would realize the song was actually about something completely different. A great example was the song Burn In Hell, which at first listen, seems like an imperative command to the audience: "Burn! Burn In Hell!". You can almost hear the implied "...y'all" at the end. In actuality it was the main character's reflection on the sad state of his life, and a prediction of his most probable fate. And one can never forget Sean's timeless lyric, "The bishops are burning, it's a cardinal sin." from the song Satan's Child.

Many other songs were planned for Last Supper but unfortunately, only a handful were completed.

Last Supper served as an inspiration for many of Ted's future bands. Most notable was Archdiocese, which even the most casual observer can tell is just Last Supper with a deeper voice.


Jesus Done was also the bassist for the Boyz, albeit under a different name. He decided the name change would be a good way to avoid any negative publicity garnered by Last Supper. It also kind of fit in well with the Last Supper theme.

Dick Shaver got his name when Sean misheard Dick's real name.

Ted once drew a picture on a desk at SMC of Jesus Done crucified on a huge cross with his bass. Sean, sitting in class one day, happened to glance over at someone else's desk and saw the picture. He almost had a hernia trying to stifle the laughter.


Burn In Hell - Last Supper's biggest hit.

Satan's Child - The endless struggle between good and evil.


Sean Dawson - Lead Vocals and Grunts
Ted - Lead and Rhythm Guitars and "Satanic Voice"
Jesus Done - Bass
Dick Shaver - Drums

Member of the Ted Chain

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