Point Of Departure

Point Of Departure
back row l-r: Steve Sidley (keys), Mike Mahoney (bass), Kim (singer for a month), John McConnell (drums), Paul D. (soundman)
front row l-r: Dave Ziebarth (guitar), Danny Ackers (vocals, trumpet), Jenny? (accessory), Keith Richmond (drunk, sax)

Keith's Notes

This is a picture from about mid-way through my term with POD. This is not the 'original' lineup from the classic rock/blues band. This is an early lineup of the top-40 band. The photo was taken X-Mas 1985. Kim had to leave the band shortly after joining due to health problems. Too much jumping around broke some feminine part! I forget exactly what happened but she started bleeding really badly and wound up in the hospital. We thought she was dicking us over because she stopped showing up for practice and never returned any phone calls! Performing apparently had uncovered a previously undiagnosed medical problem.

Tom and Becky, Sex On Stage?

Not exactly, but once we went by to pick them up on the way to practice. They left the front door unlocked and when we went in to get them we heard quite a commotion coming from the upstairs. We of course interrupted them by yelling 'hello?!'...

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