The Ted Chain Bottom 25

The 25 worst songs ever produced by Ted Chain bands. Ted produced a tape that counts down these 25 horrid masterworks. Copies could not be made due to the effect of the content on innocent tape duplicating equipment.

25. Adventure in the Dryer     Vomit
24. Whole Lotta Love           Buttocks III
23. Tribute to Gang Bang       JJJammers
22. Tribute to Xomax           JJJammers
21. Primal Scream: Tribute to 
      Insanity                 Interstellar Distress
20. Willow Hill                JJJammers
19. Beater's Bolero            Dick Beaters
18. No Exit                    Primal Scream
17. Parachute Costume with Raw
      Meat                     Rotting Face
16. Inside Straight            12 Positions
15. Baloney                    San Diego Sandwich Factory Boys
14. I Cum On Your Grave        C.C.C.B.
13. Cornucopia                 Vomit
12. Tribute to Douchebags      Crashed Davenport
11. Get It Up                  Naked 9
10. Gangus Bangus              5 Gays In A Station Wagon
 9. Large Wan                  Forced Settlement
 8. Eyeball Soup               Rapid Eye Movement
 7. Electrocution              Power Supply
 6. Angle 10°                  12 Positions
 5. Little Peter               Rabid Squad
 4. Jack 'O' Lantern           Pumpkin Squad
 3. Hey J.J. (from Original)   JJJammers
 2. Vibrating Face             Arm & Dildo
 1. Hollow Ween                Ted Team

Copyright © 1996, The Ted Chain