The Ted Chain All-Time Top 40

The 40 finest pieces of music to eminate from the bowels of the Ted Team Studios. Most of the original recordings have been damaged to the point of making a compilation for tape impossible.

40. Tribute to Insanity     JJJammers
39. Sudden Impact           Richard's Fat Band
38. Eat My Bust             Massectomy 7
37. Sit Down                Forced Settlement
36. Genetic Engineering     Scientific Find
35. Man Smashed             Elephant Stampede
34. Domestic Violence       Gang Green
33. Fall on Uranus          Buttocks II
32. Mr. Edwards the Spider  Sudden Urgence
31. Ode to Faces            Buttocks III
30. Narrow Escape           JJJammers
29. Rear Entry              12 Positions
28. Oh My Gosh              Babylonian Transfer
27. Whale Attack            Buttocks II
26. Polyester Face          JJJammers (Vol. I)
25. Casons                  Leaping Lobster
24. Tribute to Babylonian
      Transfer              Buttocks III
23. Possession I            JJJammers
22. Vocal-Chord Blowout     Crashed Davenport
21. Death of a Salesman     Carcass
20. Are You Sure?           Reality Band
19. Hey J.J.                JJJammers (Vol I)
18. Peek Inside             Riverside Band
17. Bar-B-Q                 Riverside Connection
16. You Can't Always Get
      What You Want         Shot Put Boys Choir
15. Sock Fight              Supras
14. Bar-B-Q Now             Ted Team
13. Romping Madmen          JJJammers
12. Tribute to CCCB         Buttocks II
11. Paranoid                Vomit
10. Infected By You         Gang Green
 9. Long Division           Sectional 7
 8. Missing Part            Massectomy 7
 7. John Jones              Liverworks
 6. Boom Boom BAM           Bath Key Bangers
 5. Monk Talk               GoRiLlAs
 4. Dazed Elephant          JJJammers
 3. Washing Machine         Buttocks IV
 2. Revenge of the Cow 
      People                JJJammers
 1. Purple Anus             Buttocks III

Copyright © 1996, The Ted Chain