Ted Felix - Software Development

Rosegarden - Open source MIDI sequencer that I work on. On GitHub.

QBASIC Programming for Kids - My QBASIC book. Written in simplified English. Very popular with non-native speakers as well as kids.

acpid2 - The acpid version 2. My little piece of Linux. I'm the current maintainer and co-author.

My SourceForge Profile

My GitHub Profile

Setting Up a Private Git Server - Had to do this for work. Pretty easy actually.

Git Conflict Resolution - How to resolve conflicts with the various git commands.

Object Oriented Design: The Controller Pattern - That's NOT Object Oriented!

Callbacks in C++ - Experiments with various approaches to implementing this common pattern.

Linux - My Linux page.

Open Source - Open Source software that I've found useful.

Books? I can recommend 3:

Sprites Tutorial - My Sprites in QBASIC tutorial.

Computer Science for Kids - Resources for kids to learn programming.

Kids Computer Book Collection - Books I've collected.

SupaSoft - My software "company".

Simula - Collection of links related to Simula, the first object oriented language.

What Compsci textbooks don't tell you: Real world code sucks by David Mandi - A great article on The Register.

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