Ted Felix: Storm EasyPhoto Scanner

This was my first scanner, and these are some of my first scans. I scanned about 600 images with this scanner. The Storm EasyPhoto (300x300 24bit) is a small sheetfed scanner for scanning primarily 4x6 photos. Being a sheetfed scanner, it is a pain to keep clean. The smallest speck of dust causes a huge streak across the scan. I was elated when I upgraded to the Storm TotalScan (600x600 30-bit), flatbed scanner. I gave the EasyPhoto to my niece. I only scanned about 200 images with the TotalScan before learning about Kodak PhotoCD. PhotoCD is significantly better quality than the TotalScan from 5x7 prints, but is still somewhat unpredictable. One day I hope to be able to afford a negative scanner like the Polaroid SprintScan 4000. But for now, I suffer....

A lamp filmed with Kodak 1000 in a
cheapo camera. 35mm print.
Dining Room
Dining room of 19504 Burlingame Way.
Kodak 1000 again, 35mm print.
Ted Felix Jamming
Ted Jamming Out. 35mm print.
credit: Gary Carter
Ted Felix Smashing
Ted smashing a speaker with a guitar.
Disc Camera print. credit: Paul Daigle

Adapter Specs

Someone asked me for this. Figured I'd put them here just in case anyone else needed it:

Info on Easy photo scanner AC adapter:
Model AEC - 4814B
Input 120 VAC 60hz 18w
Output 14vdc 730MA


WinDrivers.com has some of the drivers for Storm's scanners. Storm went out of business some time ago.

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