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The Ted Chain: People

Dave Chelsea-Seifert
Vocalist without peer, Dave's career has included groups as diverse as Absolute Value and Rancid Oatmeal.

Al Buttt
After his death in a washing machine, Al Buttt possessed Ted's body and mind for several years before being reincarnated after the successful completion of his magnum opus.

Jefferson Jackson "J.J." Jammer
Cornerstone of the early Ted Chain bands the JJJammers and the Buttocks. Died in a very violent accident involving an old lady in a black car and an 18-wheeler.

Tom Moran
One of the most talented members of the Chain, Tom has performed in several bands with Ted. Tom can actually sightread! (wow!) Check out Ted's interview with Tom.

Keith Richmond
Jack of all trades, master of unrelated ones, Keith has primarily served as the ubiquitous Ted Chain drummer. Lately he's been playing bass as well.

Alasdair Brooks
Songwriter, vocalist and keyboardist for the Ted Chain Ska mega-group Big Toe. Alasdair is from England and has the accent to prove it.

Founder of the Ted Chain, and promoter of its many bizarre attempts at music. Ted is best known for his creative abilities at producing and engineering recordings for Ted Chain musicians. Lately he keeps pretending he knows how to sing, play guitar, and keyboards. Much to the chagrin of anyone within 100 feet.

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