Tom Moran


Tom and Clarinet
Tom practicing clarinet
October 1977
That was the first day we got the rental. My sister got a violin, and I got a clarinet. I'm the only one that went on to actually play. Although she did pick up the clarinet I think a year later, but gave it up when she realized I was the only one with talent. The "Big Mouth Singers" you'll see under the bell of the clarinet. And the 360 degree photo from World magazine.

That was Halloween. We were getting ready to go out Trick-or-Treating. My sister is the ghost, that's Susan. Jennifer is the little bunny. I guess she was in kindergarten then. And I was Peter Kriss, of course, from KISS. Those belts around my chest to form an "X", he had some sort of thing like that on his outfit, I don't remember. But that was my sixth grade approximation of Peter Kriss.

We collected plenty of candy. My pumpkin is actually behind my back. A pumpkin about 12 inches tall. That smell lingers in my nose to this day.

Moran Moran, 1979
Members of Moran Moran (10/79).
l-r: Suzy, Tom, Jen
Pictures from Tom's early project, "Music with Old People"
Tom and Eloise Porter
1979 with famous jazz vocalist
Eloise Porter
Tom and Gramps
March 1981 with grandfather

Eloise Porter passed away. She was my great aunt. She's the sister of my grandfather who is to the right playing the C melody saxophone. I'm playing the bass clarinet. That was about 6th or 7th grade under the direction of Fred Probeck. Apparently I wasn't all that great technically at the clarinet at that time, although I was getting there. And I was offered two positions. I could play the clarinet in the lower band, or I could play in the better, higher band with the bass clarinet, and I chose to play in the higher band with the bass clarinet. In this picture, I'm giving a concert to my aunt at my mother's request.

Tom's High School ensemble, "Thrust."
L-R: Mike Rommel, Sam Hardeman, Steve Nehring,
Tom, Dave Moore (who wasn't really in Thrust).
Head and Shoulders
Tom's photo-shoot for Proctor and Gamble.
February 1989
photo credit: John Starmer

Tom Graduates
Tom Graduating from SMC

That's graduation day, St. Mary's 1991. I graduated a year later than I could have because I transferred so many times. Towson State to Anne Arundel Community College. I got a Bachelor of Arts, a liberal arts Psychology degree. I always have to tell everybody, "It's not a B.S. degree." I don't know if that's good or bad.

My Mom took that picture at her house. Dave's wearing a doctor outfit from a Cabbage Patch doll. You can see by the moisture around the mouth, he's been breathing and sucking lollipops. I don't know how old he was then. Maybe 3 or 4.

Dr. Dave Ready for Surgery
The newest member of Moran Moran,
Tom's son Dr. Dave.


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