Philosologging (Mega-Mix)


Natural Log was formed by Ted in an attempt to relieve the day-to-day stresses of college. It was Ted's last year, and his schedule was pretty much jammed with useless classes like "Basket Weaving 101", and "Caring For Your Breast Implants 203". Ted and Tom's Christmas album project gave Ted the idea of forming Natural Log which would be based on the philosophies of the Buttocks. In essence, a Natural Log came out of the Buttocks. The music was completely unrehearsed, and mostly unbearable. Like with the Buttocks, there were several gems that came out of the sessions. Natural Log regrouped later after Ted had completed several music courses in college and had gained a new respect for people who actually knew something about music. These later albums were much more palatable, yet still highly questionable. Ted believes that if Natural Log had continued, "we would have achieved something great." Song titles like, "My Dreams Don't Support J. Allan Hobson" further the theory that this potential greatness was probably overestimated.

"...we're going to be, as good St. Mary's artists should be, we're going to be radical about it. This is Log time and it's very personal. Log Art, we like to call this." -- Tom


Ted Felix - Lead Vocals, Guitar, Keyboards.
Tom Moran - Lead Vocals, Drums.


Tom Moran Graduating from
SMC May 1991

Ted playing Bass outside
Ted Team Studios, St. Inigoes
December 1989


Title: Sides 1 and 2
Recorded: 2/19-20/1990
Format: Album with studio chatter

Nothin' But A Good Log, Stuffed Up Blues, They're Smoking Something Next Door, Luka, Air Supply Tribute, I Love Rock 'n' Roll, AC/DC Medley/Rap, Let's Go Crazy, Natural Log, Log For Sale/Get A Hold Of Your Log, Jump! (On My Log), Ode To Logs, Possession Of 9/10 Of The Log, Log Patrol (Carlos), Ew Baby (Your Log)/Log Jam, It's A Log!

Trivia: To promote sales of Log's first album, the Ted Chain printed 300,000 copies of the "Please Help Our Septic System, Break Up Log Before Flushing" poster and hung them on public restroom stall doors across the country.
Title: Log Jams 3, 4, and 5
Recorded: 2/21-22/1990, 2/28/1990, 3/7/1990
Format: Album with studio chatter
Songs: "Sue, Me, and Us", Sue Blues, Captain's Log, Philosologging (Mega- Mix), It's A Log (II), I Found A Log (In My Coke Can), Control Of The Log, Seasonal Blues, I Found A Log (Reprise/Sue), Jon "Log" Jovi, Crocodile Log, Touching The Log (Log Farewell)
Title: Natural Clog!
Recorded: 7/20-21/1991
Format: Album with studio chatter.

We're Sue, I Have Three Heads, My Dreams Don't Support J. Allan Hobson, I Want Your Log, Industry Log (Stem), Cheese Dog.

Title: The Complete Log
Recorded: 2/19/1990-7/21/1991
Released: 9/20/2007
Format: Best Of CD
Songs: Best of the above.

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