Tasteless Choice
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Tasteless Choice was formed by Ted and Sean Dawson to play in the Prince George Hall First Left (PG First Left) talent exhibition at St. Mary's College of Maryland. The talent exhibition had been suggested by the RA of PG First Left (Brian Vismale), and in the end he and Tasteless Choice were the only "Talent" that appeared. At the hall meeting when Brian made this suggestion, Ted noticed a new hall member, Tom Moran banging out a cadence on the cinder block wall he was leaning against. Ted told Sean that this guy had to be a drummer, so Sean asked if he wanted to form a group for this talent exhibition.

Tasteless Choice's only performace on November 18, 1987 went quite well. Ted jumped off the makeshift drum riser during the solo for Judas Priest's "Living After Midnight". Matt played a borrowed bass that had one string missing. Members of PG First Left joined Sean in singing "Take a Walk on the Wild Side". For an encore, Choice attempted to do Last Supper's "Burn In Hell", but Tom wasn't familiar with the song. Instead of playing a straight metal beat, Tom went for a dual-tempo punk approach which taxed Ted's guitar playing inability.

Sean Dawson, Ted.
(Tom's Head in the upper left)
Matt O'Byrne
playing 3-string bass

Photos by John Starmer

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