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Our Products

Automatically renames digital camera image files based on the date and time stored in the Exif information.

Binary file comparison utility. Great for checking CD-Recordables. If you use "fc", you have to try this.

Password generation utility.

Win32 Un*x Utility Ports. Use some of your favorite Un*x commands from the command line.

Just like the UNIX command.

Snowflake generator in QBASIC.

Star Split 2
Starfield simulation in QBASIC.

William Tell
Shoot an arrow at the apple on your victim's head. (QBASIC)

One of my favorite QBASIC games.

Converts UNIX format text files to DOS format by adding carriage returns.

Kodak Photo CD Library Fix
Get everything out of your Kodak Photo CD images.

Photo CD Rotate
Rotate Kodak Photo CD images without changing the quality in any way.

Web Slide Show for JavaScript. Rotates through images and includes captions for each one.

* rhdr - MacBinary Header Removal Tool
* Digital Delay - Real-time Digital Delay for Mwave.
* .VOI Recorder - VOI <-> WAV conversion for Mwave.

About SupaSoft

SupaSoft's goal is to make small but useful utilities that run quickly on any Win32 compatible computer, even a lowly 486 machine.

SupaSoft is actually just one guy, Ted Felix. Ted hopes one day to release in GPL form a single piece of software that will topple the Microshaft Empire. In the meantime, Ted develops software that supports the M$ Empire, while laughing in a sinister fashion.

Ted has written bajillions of lines of code in languages as diverse as Z-80 assembler (at age 13) and Ada. In his day job, he develops real-time training and simulation software for the military (WarGames) in C++ under M$ Windoze.

Other Supa/Supersofts

Maybe this isn't a good name for a company. Maybe I should go back to the days of TFS (Ted Felix Software). How about ButterSoft? Nah, sounds like a leather skirt.

Copyright ©2000, Ted Felix